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NPUT Benefit Trust

P.O. Box 848

New Paltz, NY 12561


Trust Administrator

Jon Stern


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Ron Simon


Third Party Administrator

Amanda Holder


Preferred Group Plans

PO Box 15136

Albany, NY 12212


Claim forms for those having funds available in the Annual Trust Flex Fund have been sent and should be received no later than May 4th.  This should not be confused with the special flex fund which all Trust members received the past two years.  There will not be a special flex fund this year.


The Annual Flex Fund is for those that had additional funding beyond that required to fund the basic Trust Fund Plans and had not used it for the buy-up of additional coverage. This primarily applies to those in terms and conditions, secretarial staff, and bus drivers.  This does not apply to the NPUT members, except for some teachers employed less than half-time.  


Claim forms should be forwarded to Preferred Group Plans for review and issuing of payments.  Completed forms are be due by June 1, 2020.